TekModo is an established manufacturer and distributor of advanced composite panels, with existing revenue and a proven history of rapid growth. TekModo’s composite panels are currently being used in the walls, roofs, floors and doors of RVs, buses and trailers. The Company has also advanced a number of products with applications in the construction, transportation, industrial filtration and defense industries. With a suite of intellectual property, research and development expertise, leading-edge manufacturing processes and a fully operational manufacturing facility, TekModo is poised to expand its commercial product base to exploit opportunities across a diverse range of industries.



TekModo manufactures and sells composite panels that can be used in the walls, roofs, floors and doors of RV, bus, marine and commercial transportation vehicles. TekModo’s products are lighter, stronger and more durable than existing products, and are also resistant to water, mold and mildew. In addition, TekModo’s products can be produced in one continuous sheet, increasing the impact strength and eliminating the aesthetic and physical drawbacks of panel seams. TekModo also has a number of near commercialization products with applications in the construction, transportation and industrial filtration industries.



TekModo’s executive team brings decades of experience in business, finance, manufacturing and marketing, and a commitment to delivering high-quality, industry-leading products. The executive team is supported by a board of directors and strategic advisors with the innovation, manufacturing and marketing experience to grow the Company and successfully advance new products to production.



TekModo is dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative materials and using leading-edge manufacturing processes. TekModo is recognized as a leader in the RV industry, achieving a number of industry firsts with its proprietary manufacturing techniques. TekModo was the first company to produce a seamless sidewall skin and a seamless full roof wrap. TekModo was also the first company to produce substrate greater than 96″ wide, allowing for a one-piece structure that creates a stronger vehicle and simplifies the assembly process.

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