TekModo’s Board of Strategic Advisors includes world leaders in composite and advanced materials, bringing a wealth of insight and innovation to the company coupled with business contacts across a range of industries.

Elkhart Strategic Advisors

Bill Fenech

Mr. Fenech brings decades of RV industry experience to the TekModo board. Mr. Fenech started his career in 1989 as the District Manager of Coachmen RV, and went on to become a co-founder of Keystone RV Company in 1996. He held several key management positions with Keystone before ultimately selling the company to Thor Industries in 2001. He continued on at Keystone, and then assumed the role of President of Damon Motor Coach in 2004. In 2010 he took over the presidency of Four Winds International. Both motorhome companies are divisions of Thor Industries. Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International were merged in 2010 to form Thor Motor Coach, North America’s top motorhome manufacturer. After retiring in 2011 from his role as President of Thor Motor Coach, in 2012 Mr. Fenech co-founded Grand Design RV Company, a privately owned RV manufacturer focused on quality workmanship, top-level customer service and innovative products.

Jeff Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz has over 25 years of paint and chemical experience. He owns and manages numerous entities that manufacture, distribute and apply coatings that primarily revolve around wood components, RV / bus, large truck, and specialty architectural applications. His focus throughout the entities is designing customer specific products that require unique chemical footprints to solve product issues or constraints.

Strategic Advisors

Jay Wetzel

Jay provides technical direction to TekModo, drawing on his experience in the automotive industry. Jay worked for General Motors for 37 years and is a retired Vice President and General Manager of General Motors Technical Centers. His GM career began at Pontiac Motor Division as a Test Engineer in 1963. Jay progressed through a variety of engineering positions including director of quality control, assistant chief engineer for Powertrain, chassis and vehicle development, and assistant chief engineer for body, electrical and heating ventilation and air conditioning. In 1982, he was named Pontiac Director of Engineering, and joined the Chevrolet-Pontiac-Canada Group as Director of Advanced Vehicle Engineering in 1984. Jay also served as co-founder, Vice President and Director of Engineering for Saturn Corporation from 1985 to 1992. At Saturn, Jay directed product engineering and manufacturing engineering operations and was responsible for vehicle design, development and validation. In 1993, Jay received the prestigious Engineering Quality Award from Design News magazine for excellence in design, engineering and manufacturing of the Saturn line of automobiles. In February 1998, he was honored by the Automobile Hall of Fame with a Distinguished Service Citation for his successful innovation and meaningful contributions to the automotive industry. GM has appointed Jay to its prestigious Science Advisory Committee, where he will continue as an outside member. Jay is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Fred Deans, PEng, MBA

Mr. Deans has extensive experience in product evaluation, processing, production, and product engineering, and in coordinating new product introductions. He was a Production Engineer for PPG Industries and an Application Development Engineer for GE Plastic’s AZDEL Division, where he developed thermoplastic composite materials for automotive, material handling, and infrastructure applications. Mr. Deans is credited with engineering the development of an automotive glass-forming process that introduced monolithic tempered privacy glass for sport-utility vehicles; developing the first unidirectional GMT composites for new-generation automotive bumper systems; and managing a next-generation long-fiber thermoplastic composite development for under-hood and off-road vehicle load floors. He is currently a director of the Society of Plastics Engineers’ (“SPE”) Automotive and Composites Divisions, past chair of the SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition, and an SPE Honored Service Member. Mr. Deans is the owner of Allied Composite Technologies where he provides consulting and application engineering development for composite-based companies and end users. Mr. Deans holds an MBA degree from University of Pittsburgh and a BSME from Valparaiso University, and is a Registered Professional Engineer. In 2015 Mr. Deans was honored with the SPA Automotive Innovation Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to plastics and composites innovations in the automotive industry.

Alan Everett

Mr. Everett is a United Materials International, LLC partner and the founder and president of Buffalo, NY based EverFab Inc., a hi-tech manufacturer whose focus includes ceramics, super alloys, precision 3D modelling and prototype fabrication. In 2006 EverFab received the Group Achievement Award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for its contribution to studies that were performed as an integral part of the Return to Flight activities following the accident that occurred during the re-entry of the Space Shuttle Columbia. In the Award, NASA noted that “EverFab’s fully Digital Manufacturing Environment opened up an entirely new quality of information for the manufacturing and design for the engineers of NASA including significant time and money savings as inspection and approval can be completed in hours instead of weeks, enabling a much faster product development cycle.” EverFab’s clients include NASA and the US military.

Benjamin F. Dorfman, PhD, Dr of Sciences

Dr. Dorfman is the founder of Buffalo, NY based United Materials International, LLC, which has licensed technology to CarbonOne Technologies. Dr. Dorfman is an expert in advanced materials, including synthesis and characterization of metals, semiconductors, dielectrics, nano- and atomic-scale composites; solid-state physics, physical chemistry, thin solid films and surface engineering; material and solid-state micro and nanotechnology; and quantitative strategic technical forecasting. He is a retired Research Professor of Clarkson University in the Physics Department and is the Chief Scientist, Founder and Chairman of Atomic-Scale Design. Under his guidance, ultra-light-weight hard quasiamorphous carbon (“QUASAM”) was discovered using newly developed synergetic thermal-impact activated synthesis of solids. He holds numerous U.S. patents including patents for QUASAM materials and surface nano engineering. He established a full-scale DLN technology with Brookhaven National Laboratory and was the head of Thin Solid Films Laboratory, Moltech Corp., at Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Labs. He accomplished the first demonstration of stabilized diamond-like carbon film deposition in the USA and has published over 200 scientific articles and 10 books. Dr. Dorfman holds 30 Russian patents and 16 U.S. patents, with additional patents pending. He has a PhD in Thin Solid Films Physics and Physical Chemistry from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Controlling Machines, and also earned the degree of Dr. of Sciences.