TekModo’s composite panels replace plywood and other wood-based substrates, and provide a number of advantages:

    • Up to 70% weight reduction
    • Increased strength and durability
    • Increased impact resistance
    • Resistant to water, mold and mildew
    • Produced in a variety of sizes and with customized finishes
    • Can be produced in one continuous sheet, eliminating the aesthetic and physical drawbacks of panel seams
    • Significantly reduce warranty claims, equating to reduced cost and reputational risk for manufacturers



CosmoLite is a semi-rigid, continuously reinforced fiberglass and thermoplastic composite designed to replace plywood in the roofs, floor and external walls of RVs, bus and transportation vehicles.


SpectraLite is highly advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic panel that can be produced in a continuous process, resulting in a high-gloss seamless panel with reduced weight but extreme durability. TekModo expects to commercially launch SpectraLite in July, 2017.


Fortis is a design-engineered composite substrate designed to replace luan panels for a smooth, seamless sidewall that improves optics and reduces weight. Fortis panels are available in any length and in widths greater than eight feet. Fortis composites are currently incorporated into several lines of RVs and commercial buses throughout North America and China.


DuraFlex is a one-piece composite FRP/Fortis skin system designed mainly for front wraps or rear walls of travel trailers. DuraFlex composites have been engineered to provide smooth bending in one direction and panel stiffness in the opposite direction to optimize the look and performance of any radius front or rear wall skin for years of high performance. The DuraFlex product eliminates the need for RV manufacturers to use a substrate (underlying layer) with seams that show through the FRP sheet or a substrate made out of a cardboard-type material that ultimately breaks down when exposed to water leaks.