TekModo currently has two products focused on the construction industry: XBar composite rebar and concrete forms.

XBar RebarTM
XBarTM rebar is being developed by C1 Pultrusions LLC, an 80%-owned subsidiary of TekModo. The Company has commissioned its first commercial production machine.  TekModo sees initial opportunities to use XBar rebar in self-regulated industries, such as pre-cast concrete, road construction, parking slabs, retaining walls, rail ties, mining and marine applications.

Stronger Than Steel
XBar rebar has approximately twice the tensile strength of steel rebar, delivering the same tensile reinforcement as steel construction with less rebar.

Multiple Applications
XBar rebar can be produced to different size specifications and grades, using a variety of fibers.

More Durable Than Steel
XBar rebar’s corrosion (alkaline) resistance results in a product that is much more reliable and durable than steel rebar. Structures made with composite rebar are expected to have twice the lifespan of a steel rebar structure.

Does Not Corrode
XBar rebar will not corrode, even when exposed to harsh conditions such as salt water, making it the ideal reinforcing rebar for sea walls, roads and bridges. XBar rebar also requires less concrete coverage than steel rebar, reducing the project’s capex and environmental footprint.

Lighter Than Steel
XBar rebar is one-quarter the weight of steel rebar, reducing shipping costs, reducing the manpower associated with installation and creating an improved work environment.

XBar rebar is both electrically and magnetically neutral, making it the ideal reinforcing rebar for hospitals and areas with magnetic fields or sensitive electronic instruments.

Concrete Forms
TekModo has developed prototype concrete form panels that are intended to replace plywood in the concrete forming industry. TekModo’s panels are significantly lighter than plywood, allowing for easier installation, reduced manpower, and reduced incidence of strain from workers lifting heavy plywood. In addition, TekModo’s panels can be used multiple times, resulting in reduced costs for the construction project.