TekModo Industries Inc. was formed in September 2016 through the business combination of CarbonOne Technologies Inc. with the TekModo group of companies (TekModo LLC and TekModo Structures LLC). The combination of TekModo and CarbonOne created a fully integrated advanced materials company that is dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative materials and using leading-edge manufacturing processes. While TekModo’s products were focused in the RV and commercial transportation industries, CarbonOne was advancing a number of products with applications in the construction, transportation, industrial filtration and defense industries. By combining CarbonOne’s intellectual property and research and development expertise with TekModo’s manufacturing experience and fully operational manufacturing facility, TekModo Industries was well positioned to expand its commercial product base to exploit opportunities across a diverse range of industries.

The combined executive and advisory teams brought decades of business, finance, manufacturing, marketing and corporate governance experience to the new company. TekModo Industries draws on the unique skills and insight of executives and directors from both companies, creating a strong management and advisory team with a broad skill set and an entrepreneurial culture.

TekModo Industries trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “TEK”.

About TekModo

The TekModo group of companies was founded in 2006 initially as a distribution company providing advanced materials to the RV market. In 2014 TekModo made the business decision to become an advanced materials manufacturer with the objective of manufacturing highly innovative material and system technologies for the RV, commercial vehicle and marine industries. The company expanded its product line and designed specialized manufacturing equipment that allowed the company to achieve a number of RV industry firsts, becoming the first company in the RV industry to:

Produce a seamless, fully composite sidewall skin
Produce a seamless full roof wrap
Produce a seamless ramp door
Have a continuous wide-width lamination process
Have a continuous wide-width coil-to-sheet lamination process
Produce continuous substrate greater than 96” wide
Provide a wide-width, low-density glass matte thermoplastic
Produce an extreme durability glass reinforced thermoplastic hard roof solution
Co-produce an all composite floor/frame trailer system devoid of any aluminum or steel

Today, TekModo develops and integrates intelligent solutions based on innovative products, services, and proprietary manufacturing processes. The business processes are oriented towards adding long-term value and competitiveness for clients, and delivering industry-leading products and customer service.